Talent Services

Photo of candidates waiting for a job interview. Selective focus


The future:

In a post covid-world, everything has changed.

Whole industries closed suddenly. Many found themselves scrambling to learn new careers, or to retain the jobs they had. Those who managed to retain their work, experienced many changing circumstances, telecommuting for example.

A vast majority of meetings and connections are done digitally, people are working from home and increasing their productivity. However, those that were not lucky enough to be able to work from home quickly began to realize the true value and sacrifice of their once called “entry level” jobs. Now many of these jobs were being referred to as “essential”. Suddenly, the value of a grocery clerk for example became truly apparent in everyone’s eyes as they braved the front lines of the virus to make sure that everyone could still have access to food.

On the other hand, people were forced by circumstances to become “jacks of all trades” and to create multiple streams of income to insure stability.

Old barriers to communication and archaic practices are falling away, clearing a path for new and innovative approaches. The workplace and workforce of today and tomorrow is dynamic, interconnected, digitized and expansive.

Gone are the days in which a paper resume was enough to assess an individual’s qualities.
We are entering into new uncharted territory! One in which candidates for positions can show the full range of their dynamic self and where companies can receive candidates that are truly right for the positions at every level, not just intellectual.

When we say at every level, we mean, yes, their education, work experience and the like; but also, their personality, approach to life, psychological tendencies, their passions and ways of interacting with others.

Our proprietary approach and technologies can help each job seeker, freelancer or talent to digitally and cost effectively display all of their skills, results and endorsements in one place with a dynamic and engaging interface ( more on this on the Eli code pages and blogs).

We also provide support and guidance to many resources for career self empowerment