Who we are

We care about our clients as much as our talent!

Stargate Recruiting is a uniquely focused, modern and diverse recruiting firm based in Tampa Bay.

We are hired to find the best and most remarkable talent out there, with a successful track record in their area of expertise. However,we believe that technical skill is not enough.

  • The highest productivity is undoubtedly achieved by those who love what they do.
  • We look for people who are truly and deeply passionate about their careers and have the capacity to elevate companies to the next level with that drive.
  • It is by combining passion, talent, and an analytical perspective, that we can optimize the way in which our clients work by helping everyone achieve their highest potentials.

Client Value

Why choose Stargate Recruiters

We value each of our clients, big or small, and take great pride in building dynamic teams that will help companies grow dramatically!
Our purpose is to diligently find the right personality match with the skill set and experience to create the highest impact within your organization.
We also work on bridging the gap between different generational cultures and work methodologies in order to bring the best out of every situation and encourage the highest productivity of all.
We believe in empowering everyone by creating a freely shared, educational culture around our company through our blogs and media.

your gate to a hire place. Creating a better tomorrow for all. Contact us today.

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