Post-Covid HR.” What Happened?

In the span of a year, some companies have had to face previously unheard difficulties.
Dwindling supplies, a diminishing workforce, adapting to remote work, whole industries shut down, and new ones born.

So, what is the difference between those who managed to thrive in these times of adversity, relative to those that did not?

There are many facets in which this adaptability can benefit a company; from growing a sustainable company culture, implementing new management style techniques, we believe in empowering all of those that seek to make such meaningful connections.

It is important that modern, successful companies continuously refresh their talent pools while holding on to consistent and growing employees. This is one of these key adaptability factors.
In a post covid world, this has proven a challenge for many.

As recruiters, we have the visionary position of observing the challenges both employers and talent face and therefore we have been able to create a culture and process that will help to bridge this gap. We want to make sure that the right talent is matched up with their ideal position so that we can create and foster long-term relationships and mutually assured growth.

The way to do this is by introducing a proprietary and thorough set of personality, psychological and skill assessments to candidates and evaluating their overall being and capacities beyond a simple resume. As well as providing tools to bring these qualities to the table in a new, creative and dynamic way. (*Hint, hint* Stay tuned for the unveiling of more of these amazing tools soon!)

The questions that we bring to you today are:
– As an employer, are you getting the quality employees that you seek, being able to retain them and encourage them to their highest productivity?
– Are your needs as an employer being met by your current workforce culture?