Maria Paula

Managing Director / Miami Office

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Maria Paula

Maria Paula is an Architect with vast international construction experience, with an emphasis on planning and urbanism. She follows high ethical and moral values for the development of different projects in areas like construction, interior design, supervision of works and staff selection. She has also studied graphic and interior design which allowed her to expand her work in even more creative directions.

She has contributed greatly to different architectural projects as a supervisor and designer, bringing a balanced but cutting edge approach to the process. Additionally, Over the past 5 years, she has worked in recruiting and the construction field where she gathered experience by witnessing the difficulties which both, employers and talent were having. In observing this, she decided to work for this start-up/company due to their unique hiring model in creating the most efficient match, so that projects are built with quality. 

She’s worked directly with world renowned organizations, such as:

The World Urban Forum (WUF.) 

-Canton Fair or China Import and Export Fair. 

-A Roof for My Country (A Construction, Non-Profit Org.) 

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